Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Work to the rule

Did I miss something? According to the requests during last months city budget hearings, our city schools are in danger of loosing teachers to Stafford because of their wages! Now front page of the FLS, there are the Stafford teachers looking like they are on picket lines. I'm sure the city school system would gladly take the resume of any good teacher and consider them.

Good or bad, Virginia is a right to work state. If you're unhappy with your job, look around and find something better.

Let's take another view, if Stafford is unhappy, because their salaries can't compete with Loudoun, Manassass etc, and Fredericksburg and Spotsy try to match Stafford, and then king George matches Spotsy, next thing you know we're all paying Loudoun prices, but with substantially less revenue and cost of living.

I know its tough, I grew up in a family of teachers, but I'm tired of business as usual. Kudos to Fredericksburg city school board for cutting expenses to get a cola raise. But don't put it on the front page that we can't do everything we want because of those reduced expenses.

If the surrounding areas were gutsy, maybe they could have run an add on page 2, "don't work to the rule, instead come work for us".

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