Saturday, May 17, 2008

Marathon Setup

Had to go out to the Expo Center today to sign in as a worker for the half marathon. On the way down Blue & Grey Parkway, we noticed someone cleaning up all of the temporary ad signs along the roadway. There were a few dumpsters placed in odd places, however I'm sure it's for convenience. The rain this week obviously set groups back a few days of setup and prep time. Most businesses have cut their grass along the roadways and look GREAT. The medians around street exits (rt1, I-95) seem overgrown, and at Hurkamp park the contractor was still working on the brick sidewalk this morning. At the pace they were going, I wouldn't be surprised if they finished it up today.

I turned the corner to leave the expo center and couldn't stop laughing at this view for some reason. Hopefully 6000 runners won't all need to go at the same time.
By the time we returned home, a few enterprising builders already had new home for sale signs up. Oh well, at least most of the grass is cut, and the city seems ready for a great event.

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