Sunday, May 18, 2008

Historic Half Photos

Gail and I were helping out at water station six for this morning's Historic Half.

First off, Tim Young sporting the JMU jersey coming up the hill on Sam Perry Blvd. He was well ahead of 2nd and 3rd place runners, and went on to win.
Mary Washington had setup time slots for helping man the water stations, so we were able to start out a little later in the morning. We snapped this on the way into down going under the Rt1 bridge.
The first of two flag bearing runners.
These ladies were happy to be rounding out the field. Quote "You'll remember the faces of the first and the last." They were in good spirits, and stopped to chat just a bit and down some cool water. Powerade and water were the drinks of the day. By this station, water was overwhelmingly the choice.

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