Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gas - How High Will it Go?

This morning when I drove to the VRE, gas was $3.73. On the way home, it was $3.77. Went out later tonight, it was $3.83. Wow. I'm sorta at a loss for words.

So a few weeks ago I posted this snapshot from the previous tank of gas in my Ford Escape Hybrid. By the time I was done with the tank of gas, my average was down to 34.5mpg. Not too bad for a vehicle rated 30 city/34 Highway.

I sometimes wonder if some drivers care about their gas mileage. There can be a considerable difference from accelerating with a puuuuuuuurrrrrrr vs. hearing a raaaarrrrrrr. Yet every evening I tend to hear at least one or two cars just in the time it takes to get from the VRE station back home (3 miles).

On that particular good tank of gas, here were the things I attempted to do:
- When no one was behind me, accelerate at hypermiling, but I am doing better than the sticker estimates. If you don't have a hybrid, many of these things will still benefit your vehicle, especially those with a continuously variable transmission.

Of course there is always the fall back plan to use the bike around town. I passed Sunken Well the other day and probably 5 bikes were locked up to the street sign outside. It was a beautiful sight.

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Jeff Edmisten said...

So, I can assume that you would use a Realtor who is eco friendly, and leads you around town on a scooter? :) I was only halfway kidding about that on my blog.

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