Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Embarrasing Activities

Ok, this is a follow-on post to my previous one "Excessive Noise leads to Tax Cheat". I have been telling friends, coworkers and neighbors about the nice job the city and local organizations have done this summer in putting together a series of music events, and other activities to invite people out to the city. I hope that the good work generates a sense of community, where residents from here and surrounding areas can get together, share a drink, tell some stories, listen to some music, and have a good time.

Today I opened the paper, and not one, but two stories slapped me in the face. I'm embarrassed at the sometimes prudish behavior exhibited here. The story about the bar raid - it's obvious that the main intent wasn't the unpaid taxes, it was because of a one night event. If it had been the taxes, and the ABC violation for carrying a beer to the parking lot, the city would have left it at that, but no - they had to include in the concerns the Girls Gone Wild event.

Couple that with an editorial Ms Wilson wrote talking about how city police asked her to leave the dog park, and I get the distinct impression that all the talk about inviting people into the city to spend money here is just that - TALK. Actions speak louder than words. I have NEVER been asked when visiting a dog park to state my residency. I live here in the city - and I'm embarrassed of our behavior. The dog park is like a theater, it's an enticement to get people into the city. I'm proposing that the city lighten up, encourage people and their dogs to take a walk downtown to get lunch after playing in the park.

What a disappointing news day.

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