Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fridays and other happenings this weekend

Friday night we headed out to First Fridays (Finally Fridays, but on the first friday for the first few weeks). By 8 the place was filling up.

The wishing trees had a variety of strings tied to them. This one I thought was particularly thought provoking.

Doing double duty. This guy was rocking the keyboards, while adjusting the sounds. I don't think I ever heard him skip a beat.

The kids (and earlier some adults) enjoyed the tree climb.

It was a great night, some great old dance songs, a little reggae, beach tunes. What an evening to be out on the town.

We followed last night up this morning with a trip out to the school for the hurricane supplies drill, where the gaurd and scouts loaded us up with three cases of water (I wonder where the tarps and other supplies were?) . Then we went downtown to the market, found our favorite lamb sausage and homemade butter. After that it was time to head east on Rt3 to Mayfest XXII to benefit RAAI (RASCB). We ended up with a car full of flowers and plants, and even managed to win an item from the raffle. The weekend has started off with a bang! Now off to go dig in the dirt for a little while.

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