Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Kybecca's Semi-Official Opening

[Edit 5/16 - Didn't open this week after all (check their blog), we'll have to wait patiently]

Check out Kybecca's blog post today about their limited opening SOON. ...before getting to try out the new awning, sidewalk, and experience downtown! I wonder if they would consider doing a cheese & cheese event if something happens to the ABC license process?

I've learned in the past not to judge any place by the first say two weeks of operations - remember that this is when everyone from servers to managers are still learning how everything works with a full service. Hopefully there won't be any major stumbling blocks, and everyone likes wine and cheese right? The sidewalk looks great, the awning is pretty impressive, I know their wine selection is great, lets hope that their next adventure is equally successful.

Not sure about the first few weeks, but I did talk with them last night and confirmed that there will be a bottle service arrangement with the store (purchase any bottle at the store, and have it opened at the table for a small surcharge of $10 - much less than ordering a bottle in a restaurant). They are also going to have several dozen wines by the glass. And as with most wine bars, you will also be able to order flights of wine, several sampling sizes at once.

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