Friday, May 9, 2008

The wall that was

Whatdya know, that cemetery wall got in the way of another bumper. Have you noticed how the police reports discussed almost never include the drivers cause for running into the wall?

Check out the city beat


Andrew Flusche said...

I hope they make those guys pay for repairing the wall. I'm sure the city pays some significant dollars each time it's busted.

And you always have to wonder why people run. Does the guy think he won't be caught eventually? Hmmm... he probably needs a lawyer. ;)

Bryan said...

The wall is actually privately owned. So someone is having to pony up every time it gets damaged. The city has plans to enhance the curbing (going from a very short curb, to one that's higher than normal), but that's about it. I have often wondered that the owner could do to re-inforce it. However, I'm sure the best solutions, run counter to what VDOT would consider safe.

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