Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kalahari traffic

This past weekend the city had its first dry run of traffic from kalahari. Of course I'm talking about the visitors from the Marine Corps Historic Half. With 5800+ runners, family cars etc, arriving on Friday and Saturday, area residents got a feel for what traffic will be like with 2000+ extra cars a day. I didn't see any VDOT counters out to verify the numbers here, so we'll use conservative estimates.

The presentations from Kalahari on traffic flow show an influx of visitors during the day, settling down as heavy rush hour(s) traffic picks up. Listening to the radio on Friday evening, their didn't seem to be any unusual traffic on I-95 at the RT3 interchange. Backups on RT3 can be attributed to normal afternoon commuter traffic. There was added volumn around the Central Park area, particularly over at Celebrate Virginia. The same goes for Saturday, when you would have thought that there was no problem with the economy with the number of vehicles in CP.

So for all those speaking against the new resort based on traffic congestion, take a look back at your Friday/Saturday commutes and see if you noticed much of an impact.

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Larry Gross said...

so.. let me guess... all those folks who bought food and lodging etc for the half marathon are a "good" thing.. but if we have folks doing the same thing with Kalahari..it's a "bad" thing...

Oh what would be "rich" would be the first annual Kalahari Iron Man Event or some such..

we'd have some folks swallowing their tongues no doubt..

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