Thursday, July 23, 2009

Parthenon Restaurant is a Must Eat Here Location

I have failed you, loyal readers of the blog.  Life has been very busy lately, and what free time I have has been spent doing things other than writing.  Oddly, I miss it, and a few ideas for posts have been kicking around just waiting for time to get down on paper.  Even Gail asked yesterday if a post was coming.  A great dinner with Gail actually sparked this post, as you will read in a bit.  As most know, having a 9 month old does take away some time, so we have been trying to have a babysitter keep him one night a week so that we can get out for date night. 

Last night we had the most wonderful, quiet, relaxed, delicious dinner at Parthenon Restaurant in the Park & Shop (or should this now say Eagle Village) shopping center.  2024 Augustine Ave., Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Based on a suggestion, we both had the Greek Salad with Grilled Gyro meat.  We were both trying to stay on the light side of things, but who can resist Tiramisu.  I've also read several reviews complimenting their souvlaki. The Greek wine was just incredible.  But the food is only part of the reason to visit, it's also the hospitality of the Psaras family.  We chatted away with Mrs. Psaras about the 26 years they have been in the same location, and how this summer things seemed to be just a little more quiet than usual.  She expressed her interest in seeing Eagle Village develop, and what that might do to benefit their small restaurant.  Gail told her about visiting Parthenon for pizza in her college days across the street.

It's nice to see unique family run businesses in today's fast pace cookie cutter world, and Parthenon is just the place to step away to enjoy a nice home cooked meal.  You've probably driven right past this wonderful gem a number of times and not even noticed it's there.  If you get a chance, stop in and enjoy.

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