Friday, May 9, 2008

Rappahannock River @ 9' and almost steady

The USGS readings at seem to be up an running. The latest reports are 9.86 ft at 9pm. Here are some afternoon photos as the river passed 9ft (measured the old fashioned way with a sign). These pictures were taken this afternoon, which would indicate that the signage isn't exactly calibrated to the USGS sensors.

Earlier this spring the receiving station for the electronic gauge was damaged due to a lightning strike.
Based on the chart of the river height throughout the day, it seems like the river peaked around 7pm tonight, and has held steady or dropped just slightly. NOAA's advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service is currently forecasting the level to rise to the 10.6ft by 2am.

Won't be launching any boats today

Here is a luck shot I was able to get looking across the boat ramp to the no wake sign. The bird is flying just over one of the pylons holding the edge of the walkway around the boat ramp. Take note of the round things in the water - those are the caps on the pylons.
Here is a photo from a few months ago. See the caps on the pylons? That is all that is visible today. It's hard to read, but the last number at the top of the river gauge in this picture is 9'. I no longer saw this sign sticking out from the water, it must have broken loose.

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