Tuesday, May 27, 2008

City Council update

Tonights a busy night at city council, check back for updates later.

3 recognitions, one of which was for a 26yr veteran of the fire Dept.
EMT training for James Monroe students.

Budget has been tabled for 2 more weeks.

Hurricane prep presentation
Flashlights and batteries
Batt radio or crank radio
3 days of Food, water, medications
First aid kit
Make a plan in case family is split up

Items of interest:
City is pursuing a ROAM system for text message alerts. Nothing is free though, but they are looking at a grant.

City investigating meter taxi rates, vs the current zone system.

Housing advisory commission needs people to apply. The only applicant is already on 2 other commissions.

The first fine arts commission is now set with 8 members.

The budget is tabled, but rate increases have been approved for water and sewer. Not much, but like everything else the increased costs are being passed onto the users.

233/235 Charles St. Special use permit was only for flood plain, but the ordinance may allow for agreement with comprehensive plan.

The city is accepting 10 acres to be included in the city park system. At some future point it will be available as open space for all residents.

The school board found they didn't spend all of their 07 budget (572k), so they will now get that back this year.

Panhandling ordinance clarification, its ok to be on a sidewalk with a sign, the police shouldn't ticket. Just can't stand in the road. And due to legal issues with discriminating for/against EMS, they won't be able to stand in the road either. The city is going to try to find alternative solutions for the rescue squad to raise money.

Over 100 people attended the city business appreciation meeting.

The city is looking at efficiencies, tonight the city manager reports that by consolidating mobile phones across the city they expect to save 35-40k per year. Good for them, hopefully we will see more coming.

Looks like without budget items, they will get out of here by 9:05pm

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