Monday, May 5, 2008

Siblings, NASCAR, Horse Racing & Beer

Notes from around the web today:

I always knew it, now for all of us ‘oldest’ kids, we have a study supporting our long founded belief that we had it tougher as reported by MSNBC

And now I know why I watch NASCAR instead of horse racing. They both go around a circle turning left, but in NASCAR when cars two and three bump into each other, it’s only bruised feelings and some angry fans to deal with, not having to watch a racehorse be euthanized. Although I can’t be completely innocent on this one, I did enjoy a mint julep on Sat in celebration of the derby. Take a look at the differences in the sports, years ago when a racing legend died in a late race accident, the sanctioning body imposed extensive safety equipment requirements (head and neck restraints, better seats, safer barriers on the race track walls, and eventually designed a new car with a better roll cage and cushioning foam). Where have the safety improvements been in horse racing?

Finally, for anyone that isn’t enjoying the re-emergence of beer, let me point out the good publicity it’s been getting lately. Again MSNBC has an article on 6 festivals worth visiting …I also point anyone locally to our very own regional blog Musings Over A Pint at

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David said...

Thanks for mentioning "Musings Over a Pint". Local readers should especially watch for the Thursday listings of places to try out different beers for free.

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