Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rail Security Test a Flop?

Please read this article on MSNBC from WRC-TV about added rail security this morning. They stated "Passengers riding the rails Tuesday morning may notice a big security presence."

If they count having NO officers at VRE at 6:30am, and by having 3 (count that THREE) cops sitting in 3 Arlington police cars outside the VRE station at Crystal City at 7:50am as "Big Security", get a clue. What a joke.

In Arlington, they brought the paddy wagon out with two patrol cars. Yet where were these officers in this test? Sitting with the cars idling. Inside. Not checking anything. Maybe they were scanning the crowd, maybe they weren't. Yet another example of TSA at their best. This is not training, people!

1 comment:

kcw said...

Um, this isn't necessarily a TSA stinks result. I believe you may be jumping to conclusions.

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