Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jimmy Buffett '08 - The Year Of Still Here

Monday we went to the Jimmy Buffett concert with friends for an incredible day of tailgating, chatting about what's been going on in our lives, catching up, and best of all, enjoying some fun music! We were tailgate amateurs compared to several tents around us. Just next door was the 12 Volt Bar & Grill with their inverter running everything from blinking christmas lights to a margarita blender. Down one row was the temporary beach. On the corner of the lot was the ice cube pool. This was Gail's first Buffett concert - maybe I should have warned her that the tailgating was half the experience. I'm sure she had a few laughs at us and others, as she had to skip any alcohol this time. The Year Of Still Here was definately worth skipping a few hours of sleep on a work night.

Gail and I having a good time

12 Volt Bar and GrilleSitting on the lawn
An interesting shot before the start

The one low res shot of the stage

I'd be happy if I NEVER see another blinking MIX 107.5 noise maker.
Here are 2 of the 5 the group in front of us insisted on waving around.

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Anonymous said...

His concerts sure are fun. Have built a 12 Volt Bar myself in the past and that encouraged me to do this ...


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