Monday, September 22, 2008

DC Trip w/Boys and Girls Club

Last Friday, I was able to do something that had been in works since this past summer. 46 students from the Fredericksburg Boys & Girls were able to go to the NEWSEUM in DC. Watch for the article in Tuesday's City and Spotsy Extra in the FLS.

Rebecca Barnabi of the Free Lance-Star wrote the story here:

Hah, I see why I might not make a great politician. She got me on a great quote "You can kind of run your mouth and not get into trouble here [in the U.S.]". I'll give her credit, that is exactly what I said. What I was thinking though was more deep that what I read here. In the US, you can take an opinion and discuss it openly, even if it's against the current political direction. You don't have to worry about persecution or incarceration.

I also encourage anyone reading the article, if they can think of organizations that they support, and consider making a donation. This year almost $450k in the city budget is being eyed that go to these outside agencies. The public is going to need to help out directly if that funding drops or goes to zero as has been discussed.

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