Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama Rally at UMW

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Check the local DC news tonight, you might see video of the Obama rally at UMW here in Fredericksburg, VA. The show started out a little later than expected, but even a few rain showers couldn't stop the festivities. Reports had the line wrapping around from college ave, to william st, all the way down sunken rd to the back gate. Fox5 reported that there were 26,000 people at the rally. I'm working to go through the 3GB of images and video. I'll upload these now.

Video of Obama and Biden taking the stage.

The skies cleared for most of the afternoon. But after an earlier downpour, Ball Circle had a few mud pits. These ladies were enjoying some barefoot fun waiting for the speeches to start.

A few select invitees were able to sit on the stage just behind Obama and Biden.

Biden wore a hat from someone most of the speech. Obama gave up his suit jacket as soon as the rain started again. The crowd went wild with the more unpolished look.

Obama spoke about his plans to make sure the bailout doesn't include bonuses for executives of companies that the government is bailing out. He also talked about his tax breaks for the 95% of the population earning less than $250k a year. He spoke of ending capital gains taxes for small businesses, and rebuilding main street.

Vide from part of the speech on making sure that tax breaks go to the right segment of the economy, and building main street. (I missed the very first quote, which was 'you know what to do, I know what to do, [Joe] Biden knows what to do'.)

The FLS was there with video cameras, photographers, and a bunch of reporters. Check out their webpage for more.

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