Monday, September 8, 2008

The Bullet Back On Target

For those of us yearning for unique city reporting last year, watching The Bullet transition from university hosting to the FLS backend was painful at best. Somewhere in there, it seemed that the reporting tailed off, and even though there were incredible things going on in the college, trying to find a student written article around here was like pulling teeth (they did get a few out throughout the year).

Well, I'm here to point out that they just released their 9/4 issue, with six news articles covering everything from the "Fence", to Park & Shop, to the drinking age and more. They backed that up with a number of features and the viewpoints section. Something still isn't write with the website, some images at the moment are 404'd, but I have faith that they will work it out.

Good job UMW! Keep them coming.

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