Saturday, September 27, 2008

Commonwealth's Attorney Race to December

Friday night we attended Eric Olsen's meet and great at Libertytown Arts Workshop. Mr. Olsen made the rounds speaking with everyone there, and at 6pm he was introduced by Dan Finnegan and his current boss, Dan Chichester, Stafford's Commonwealth's Attorney for 35 years. Of those 35, Eric has worked for him the last 19. That is an amazing feat in today's world where people tend to change jobs regularly.

Mr. Chichester remarked about the great loss it would be to his office, but that he couldn't think of anyone more qualified for the position. Eric is currently the Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney for Stafford County. He also pointed out Eric's outstanding work in the realm of children's cases, which he pointed out is particularly trying on everyone in the office. Mr. Chichester reminded everyone of Eric's recent Warren Von Schuch award from fellow state attorneys, and praised Mr. Olsen for the teaching he has done at the National College of District Attorneys. Mr. Olsen then got up and spoke about why he wanted to run for Fredericksburg Commonwealths Attorney, more about his experience, his dedication to the position, and the need to get out the vote in this December's election.

I would estimate the crowd to have been about eighty people. In an election where the turnout is critically important, this will be a good starting point. The field seems to be set, with Olsen running, along with Fredericksburg assistant C.A. LaBravia Jenkins, and local attorney Jeh Hicks.

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