Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ellis wins City Council Seat

damn it

(most reserved post ever)

[update 7:29] City Beat, and FLS reporter Emily Battle reports that it was unanimous. Sooo... the phone call I received from one of those voters gave me wrong information? My question had been "how did the vote go" to which the response was 4-2, after a very close discussion that would have been a tie. I take it what was meant was there were some discussions ongoing beforehand. As with many votes, in the end, everyone goes with the group consensus to create a unanimous vote. For all the great open government methods used during this process, what does this result show in the record?

Luckily Mr. Ellis and I had very similar ideas on a number of items, just different methods for achieving them. I will continue to try to put forward what I think are good ideas, and talk with my neighbors to see how they feel.

Look at the bright side, I probably won't be asked to tone it down on the blog, and can still Twitter city council meetings. For me personally, it means more time at home in the evenings and weekends with our soon-to-be addition.

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