Friday, September 5, 2008

Hurricane Prep

From the city website:

Friday night and Saturday, Tropical Storm Hanna may bring heavy rainfall and high winds to the Fredericksburg region. City departments have worked this week to prepare higher risk areas for the storm, and increased staff from various departments will be on duty during the storm to handle any emergencies.

In anticipation of potentially heavy rainfall and high winds, the City recommends that residents make efforts to secure any outdoor furniture, toys, play equipment, etc. to prevent property loss or damage. Also, take time today to check gutters or French drains that may create water runoff issues once the rain begins.

For additional information, people are invited to visit the
Virginia Department of Emergency Management.

For those that participated in the City's April emergency distribution test, now is time to check to see if you still have the cases of water, tarps & MREs (not that we have a heavy weather watch yet). If you are building an emergency kit, FEMA has these suggestions:

Three-day supply of non-perishable food.
Three-day supply of water - one gallon of water per person, per day.
Portable, battery-powered radio or television and extra batteries.
Flashlight and extra batteries.
First aid kit and manual.
Sanitation and hygiene items (moist towelettes and toilet paper).
Matches and waterproof container.
Extra clothing.
Kitchen accessories and cooking utensils, including a can opener.
Photocopies of credit and identification cards.
Cash and coins.
Special needs items, such as prescription medications, eye glasses,
contact lens solutions, and hearing aid batteries.
Items for infants, such as formula, diapers, bottles, and pacifiers.
Other items to meet your unique family needs.

In my case, I must add one item - a plan to setup a place to sleep in the cool basement for the 8mo pregnant wife. No AC would be very bad at this stage...

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