Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Twit'ing City Council Meeting

[Updated 3/11 9:50pm]
So what did visitors think of the twitter traffic from the city council meeting (you can find more at fburgblogs.com from TFR)? My thumbs are only mildly bruised from the typing (oh how I longed for a full keyboard and wifi connection). It was fun. Folks, keep in mind the twitter traffic is a bit more oppinionated since it's live, not researched and refined, and may show some immediate gut reaction.

Based on an idea from the Head Fred over at TFR, I'm going to attempt to twitter the city council meeting tomorrow night. Now I know that you can pick up the meeting on the Fredericksburg channel, but wouldn't you rather just have me kill my thumbs trying to get the word out in 140 character entries? Actually, this is somewhat of a science experiment to see how this works on the blog.

So if you're following me real time tomorrow, drop me a line so that I can get some feedback on how things went.

So follow along either in the left column of http://www.intheburg.info/ or follow directly at www.twitter.com/InTheBurg

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