Friday, March 28, 2008

Did FLS Typo REGION today?

This morning I opened the REGION section of the Free Lance Star to find a column not on region, but on the theories of the universe. In case you missed it, columnist Donnie Johnston had a column on the front of the region section titled "Holes in Big Bang Theory…". Did the editors forget to put the "LI" in REGION. This article would have been more relevant in a RELIGION section, or the Opinion section. Scientists do have evidence of movement of mass in the universe, and have measured their data and formulated a THEORY. This is why this is a THEORY, not a law. Could there be some entity (or multiple entities if that's what you believe) having a divine intervention here, sure, but what I do know, and what astronomers can show you, is that we're on something similar to a wave heading outward from some distant starting point/area.

Oh, and as for column's statement that an atomic explosion only releasing energy, we now know that in addition to energy, electrons, neutrons, quarks and other subatomic particles are all released, some of these being the necessary building blocks of matter.

At first I was offended, angry that they could somehow mix this in with regional NEWS. Then I thought about it, if we are never offended by what we read, then does our brain ever get the exercise it needs in formulating opinions. So thank you FLS, for a cerebral experience this morning, even if it wasn't regional.

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