Friday, March 28, 2008

Lights out Saturday Night 3/29

"Lights Out Globablly Saturday Night for Earth Hour" is about an event Sat night where citizens around the world are asked to turn out the lights for 1 hour starting at 8pm local time. More at I would suggest using this time to get outside and seeing some stars, something that I enjoyed on a regular basis as a kid. Check with Rappahannok Astronomy Association which is having one of their Star Parties at Caledon Natural Area.

I guess I'm feeling a little green this week - this is article #2 on earth events in the last 2 days. This one hits home a little bit though. Growing up in the country, looking up at the stars at night, sparked a lot of my interest in science and exploration - wondering how far the go, what other life might be out there, how old are all those balls of light? Reading about the universe in a textbook, or even seeing it in a museum just isn't the same. I hope that when I have children, there will still be places nearby that I can take them to sit there and ponder the questions of the universe.

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