Monday, March 31, 2008

May 6th Election

I have been closely following this year's race for Mayor and City Council. Several people have asked why I didn't toss my hat into the circle - obviously I have an oppinion or two about how things could be done better. Well, timing just didn't work out for me to attempt such a run this time. Instead I'm going to toss my support for a few of the candidates that I think will do the best.

I'm sure that some readers will find that one or more of these candidates are not their choice. However, I'm supporting them, and I've given them my word that I will do what I can with that support. So here are my reasons why these three are going to be my vote on May 6th.

Tom Tomzak - Because I like the idea of having a medical professional and experienced businessman as Mayor. I generally support the initiatives he has backed, as well as his vision for a future Fredericksburg. He has been open to suggestions, and openly engages the public to make sure that all sides are considered (note that I'm not saying he always makes everyone happy, but anyone in this position is going to have this problem).

At Large Council:
Kerry Devine - I've watched Vice-Mayor Devine tactfully ask questions in council meetings and work sessions to draw out useful details for making decisions. She is always very well prepared, as well as direct and to the point. I also feel that as a teacher, she brings a level of understanding the budget discussions that not only reminds the city of what they are paying for, but also means that the schools have a respect for the limited resources the city work with. Coming from a family of teachers, this emphasis rings home.

B-J Huff - Here is my wild-card candidate. B-J doesn't have the historical voting record to go on yet, but there will be six other people there to reign him in if he goes way off course. I believe that he will bring both new and refreshing ideas to council. He may swing big at times, but maybe a few will be hits that everyone can get behind. I believe his youth will be a benefit, something to mix it up at council. With his accounting background, his decisions should be anchored in reason and logic.

So there you have it, a doctor, a teacher and an accountant. Their backgrounds alone make for a pretty good group. There are many more reasons than I've listed here. The FLS editorial board interviewed the Mayorial candidates this week, and I'm sure you're going to hear more over the next few weeks about what each one did or is planning on doing.
As I get time, maybe I'll try to write an article on each one, letting you know what I like about each of these indivuals. I expect some people won't agree with me, and I look forward to their participation in this discussion. The other candidates both have their strengths, I just like these three better than the alternatives.

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