Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Rant: Is it that bad? Really now?

On a Monday when I open the paper, and read about yet another bailout, I think back to the weekend and wonder if we aren't getting just a bit of fear 'vertising. That's my new word for how the government pitches anything now that they want the entire country to back. First it was weapons of mass destruction, now its the economy.

Let me give you a few concrete Fredericksburg shopping examples. In the current bad economy, I could not for the life of me locate a $250 blackberry Storm. This is admittedly a splurge. Yet I must not be the only one willing to throw away some hard earned cash. Neither could I locate a Wii Fit, another non-necessity.

What the hell? Aren't people supposed to be saving up, skipping the fun stuff in exchange for doom and gloom?

So let's say it like it is! Retail has been spoiled by opulence and over abundance. Will the lesson be learned this year? For some reason I doubt it, but quit your whining and get on with it. I see smart businesses making much needed improvements now. I also see worthless businesses going under. A steak house in central park closed. Why? People like us never ate there because there were better places to go.

Consider 2008 a spring cleaning of the economy. And if anyone sees a Wii Fit in stock, email me.

(ps, before anyone slaughters me for being out of touch, we do have close family that has been affected by layoffs and/or closings. Everybody needs a rainy day fund.)

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