Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mixed Use May Finally Be Coming to Fredericksburg

I just received notice of the Dec 10th planning commission meeting, and item number 4 on the agenda is particularly interesting:

4. Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment- Amendment to the City Code Chapter 78,
Zoning, Planning and Development, Article III, Zoning, by adding a new division,
Division 34, Planned Development Mixed Use. This new mixed use district is being
proposed to assist in implementing the goals and policies of the 2007
Comprehensive Plan.

Finally, like many of us that have been discussing zoning issues with the city have been arguing, the city needs to allow mixed use zoning. This is a classification that is popular in many localities both urban and rural. I've heard it was discussed once for Central Park, walkable communities. We've heard words like this from several council members. Yet the discussions seemed to be dominated by oversized housing and parking. Here is a zoning change that makes sense.

FYI - Mixed use zoning just allows for what used to be common sense building, putting markets in residential areas, so that people could walk down the store and pick up what they needed. Why we ever got away from this, and instead went for cookie cutter neighborhoods is beyond me.

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