Thursday, November 20, 2008

Events this Weekend - the Holiday Season Is Upon Us

A bevy of plays are floating and twirling around town this weekend. We have it good authority that it's well worth the trip to go see Christian Youth Theater perform "Willie Wonka Junior" at Spotsylvania High (I'm branching out of city events for this one). Friends attended this performance last weekend and offered to baby-sit Bennett for the night so that we could see this weekend's edition. Looking forward to the experience.

Reading the paper this morning, the FLS has a great article about the various versions of 'The Nutcracker' around town. The one by the Academy of Ballet at James Monroe High looks like a winner. I was surprised that there are four other regional choices, fitting for a variety of ages and wallets.

Ok, so I don't leave out the adventurous types, it looks like KC's downtown (central station) is having a variety of bands on Thursday night, and are also doing their Friday Night Rocks. Along with the normal open mic nights and free bands at your favorite hangouts.

Anyone else notice that on several event calendars there is Salsa dancing almost every night of the week? Friday night there are Salsa lessons at no less than three places.

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