Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Future Voter, and comments on polling places

Wow, it's been over a week since I could get away from family business to write a post. Had to get back to town in time to cast a vote. Very good experience this year. Check post here.

"At 2:30pm, the city’s ward 1 polling station was operating well.
There was no line, the multiple stations to check ID was working much better
than the last election, and people were friendly. There was a full parking
lot. There were more than 2100 ballots cast by the time I finished,
considering that in 2004 there were only 3284 registered voters in Ward 1,
that’s a nice turnout.

Hopefully the city registrar will keep up the good work, and we don’t end
up with any issues like Richmond

Way to go Fredericksburg!"

Bennett snagged a Future Voter sticker as soon as he went in. I know he won't remember this historic election, but hopefully he will read about it in the history books.

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