Thursday, July 3, 2008

Service? PetSafe Delivers

Wow! In a day and age when I thought customer service and standing behind your product had gone out the window - one company comes through and has restored my faith in society.

PetSafe - maker of radio fences for pet containment (along with many other products) has a lifetime hardware replacement plan. Granted they charge $35 service fee, but that is peanuts compared to what a new system would cost me.

Let me explain. I've had a petsafe radio fence for 'Gus' for 9 years. The transmitter and collars have moved between 3 houses. Granted each time I had to bury a new wire around whatever yard, but basically the expensive parts I've always kept. In one of the electrical storms two weeks ago, lightning struck a tree in our neighbors yard. Wow - that's another story - I was looking out the upstairs window from the middle of the room, all the hair stood up on my neck, the light show was quick but amazing. The only thing damaged was the PetSafe transmitter, probably because the radio fence loop runs only a few feet from the base of the tree.

1 phone call
2 automated menu items
0 wait time
1 friendly operator from Knoxville, TN
3 minutes to give them my shipping information for them to send me a new box ($35), and they take my broken one back AFTER I get the new one.

WOW! Who knew! If you are considering a system, please go buy their product to show you too like good customer service.

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