Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Green Gov't Challenge

Fredericksburg, VA is laying down a challenge along with other VA governments. The Virginia Municipal League is putting together the Green Government Challenge, which gives localities points for having good green practices, and more points for putting plans in place for more green activities. Read the whole challenge here.

The report at the working session indicated that the city should fall somewhere between 120 and 145 out of a possible 200 (the PowerPoint had 230, but re-reading the info in the work session packet it adds to only 200).

The City made a major push for Green buildings in 1996, the city saved over $391k. They are now expanding on an environment management system for an additional 12 buildings. Of course the next major new construction will be the courts building, and how many technologies and processes will be utilized.

Much of the discussion on upcoming plans revolved around several draft regulations and ordinances. My highlight was hearing that the city is considering dark skies initiatives and have actually successfully used dark skies compliant lighting on Cowan Blvd.

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