Thursday, July 24, 2008

Must See 'Burg Events (starting 7/24)

As part of my irregular series on trying to get more people out to Fredericksburg events, we bring you the latest installment for this weekend.

Starting Thursday, catch BeachWop at the Volvo Mercedes Park (Doug Clark & The Hot Nuts)

The Pat McGee band is playing at Finally Fridays at the Sophia Street city lot. This week begins the switch to the last Friday of the month, hence the name change.

The Fredericksburg Fair starts this weekend. Check out the Ferris Wheel and goodies. Various music and events from Friday into August.

Saturday brings us FredStock08 at Cannon Ridge Golf course, benefit concert for H.O.M.E.

Mary's Concert at Market Square (free)

Liberty town has live music Saturday, as well as an interesting art show from teens in our sister city.

Bluemont also happens Sat at the old Maury School.

And don't forget Music on the Steps at the library on Monday!

All Fredericksburg,VA, all fun.


Jason said...

Why is it that this is the first time Ive heard that the Pat McGee Band is playing at finally friday? I live in town, I read the blogs, and ... why does our town have such a hard time publicizing this stuff? We've wondered it so many times in the past couple years as we found out about an event as we were heading out of town or after it was over.

Bryan said...

For a long time it was TBA. Then it was a "nationally recognized band". Maybe trying to limit the crowd size? Yet many people seem oblivious to the fact it switched fridays, since all summer they have had the Finally Fridays banner up, but held it on first fridays anyway.

Just tell everyone to read InTheBurg (remember the .info) and I'll do my best to keep everyone informed BEFORE the events actually happen.

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