Tuesday, July 8, 2008

2nd Place Interview

Well, my second attempt to get on the planning commission was about as successful as the first time. I would like to thank Council Members Marv Dixon and Matt Kelly that gave me their vote of support. Unfortunately I wasn't able to win over the votes of Council Members Rev Turner, M.K. Greenlaw, G. Solley, Vice Mayor Devine or Mayor Tomzak. Susan Spears got the other 5 votes. Glancing over her resume, it's hard to compete with someone who has lived here since childhood, who works for the chamber of commerce, and has had a history of working on various boards and commissions.
I was hoping to bring in a new, fresh, non-biased (no conflict of interest) mind to the discussion of planning within the city. I will hold out hope that I'm able to serve as future vacancies become available. I've had the opportunity to meet and work with Ms. Spears thought recent campaigns and discussed many of the actions of city government. She will be a good member that brings her own strengths to the position. Congrats to long time resident Ms. Spears.

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