Thursday, July 31, 2008

Donate a bus? Blog request for help

[update 7/31 - I believe we have transportation! Look for an article soon]

I need help, actually, I would like some help. I need to have someone, or several people commit enough to the Fredericksburg Boy's and Girl's Club to cover transportation to the Newseum in DC. (and lunch too would be nice)


Last week I visited this incredible Museum detailing media through the ages, and the struggles gone through for freedom of speech and press. It is state of the art. It also emphasizes how we are living history as we speak. I am so impressed, that immediately I got in touch with the Boy's and Girl's club and committed to tickets for to take a bus on a field trip. However, they also need to get there.

I didn't have transport in the budget, so I'm soliciting other area bloggers and blog readers. Does anyone know someone at a bus company that might want a write off? How about the editors at the FLS - want to take part in creating our next generation of journalists? We are trying to make this trip happen before the end of summer.

Contact me by clicking here

Or even better, let me know and then Call Boy's and Girls Club at (540) 368-9531


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