Thursday, April 10, 2008

New travel hints

I probably should wait to post this. To say I have a lack of sleep is an understatement. I was one of those lucky 100000 fliers caught up in American's reinspection screwup this week. So this week brought a few new travel tips.

- if your children have games that make noises, or you choose to being a DVD player, invest in some headphones. It will make your seatmates much happier.

- don't travel with your 2 cats in the cabin. You can't send them through the x-ray machine, so its going to back up the security line and then no one is happy-happy. I can now say I've seen it all (until someone tops this one)

- be sure to tell the people doing a good job that they are doing a good job. In a month where American has been testing my patience, there have been very nice people at continental that are picking up the slack. And a well written survey response at my hotel complimenting the bar staff got me at least one free drink.

- roll with it. Cancelled flights happen, have the phone #s to your airline and if you're nice, they really will try to work with you. Its thurs morning and I'm in Newark, the alternative was to wait until at least Friday before even starting home.

So there are my morning musings from a sleep deprived traveler.

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