Monday, April 21, 2008

Ice Cream Eating Contest

Couldn't pass this one up.

"On May 10th the Fudge Factory will be having is 1st annual Icecream eating
contest at 12:00 noon. Up for the challenge?
Then come sign up!
The winner will get a Junk food bucket, Trophy, Fudge Factory T-shirt, and
Gift certificates.
Second place will win a free ice cream cone for three month once a week,
trophy, and T-shirt,
Third place will get a pound and a half of fudge, T-shirt and trophy. 705
caroline street across from the visitors center. "

Link to the Fudge Factory, 705 Caroline StreetFredericksburg Va, 22401 (540) 371-4973

The poster on Fredtalk took a bit of a backlash for "advertising", so for something as fun as this I'll gladly pass along the word.

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