Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Techie's Tornado/Emergency Supplies

In the spirit of the nation's hurricane supplies checklist, and the recent storms, let me give you my list of a techie's emergency supplies.

Short term power outage supplies
Laptop (or 2) - for use while lighting occurring outside, disconnect the power brick
UPS for the cable modem/voip/wireless router
UPS for the TV/DVR/Slingbox
Favorite beverage (whatever wine is in the fidge/rack, might as well keep a good mind)
Camera/video Cam (and extra mem cards/tapes)

Long term supplies

First Aid kit (I'm prone to accidents)
Ladder (to use w/the first aid kit)
Plenty of Mountain Dew (or other bev)
Water (just in case)
Grill (w/extra propane), small propane stove (just in case)
Food (non-perishable to use after grilling everything in the fridge)
Crank Lantern/cell phone charger
Crank/Solar Radio
Tarps (to keep the electronics dry in the event of damage)
Chainsaw (for when you're ready to go back to work)

1 comment:

Andrew Flusche said...

Nice list. :)

We were kicking ourselves the other day when we were without power for 6+ hours: we had just been to Target at laughed at the hurricane preparedness tax free sign. Although I'm still trying to figure out why tiki torches are considered emergency equipment for hurricanes.

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