Tuesday, June 24, 2008

City Services had a busy year

In the last fiscal year (ending June 30th), the city teams, employees, council and agencies have been very busy. Here is the list of items that apply to city council goals. This is just a slice of the overall picture of all the items the City does for residents and visitors (along with some of my comments).

1. Historic District Character and Vitality
a. Riverfront Park Development (Legacy Initiative) - 2 of 3 properties acquired
b. Downtown Streetscape and Service Improvements - sidewalks/signage
c. Downtown Parking Policies
d. Historic Preservation Plan
e. Executive Plaza Renovation and Use
f. Court Improvements Plan (Legacy Initiative)
g. Post Office Site Reuse

2. Character of the City and Neighborhoods
a. Comprehensive Plan Update Adoption and Zoning Ordinance Update
Significant Progress or Adoption
b. Zoning and Building Maintenance Enforcement Improvements
c. Neighborhood Streetscape Assessment and Repairs

3. Economic Vitality
a. Economic Development Program and JumpStart Implementation
b. Regional Tourism Partnerships
c. Celebrate Virginia South Development - Wegmans (2009) & Kalahari (2010)

4. Rappahannock River and the Environment
a. Riparian Lands Protection and Management Program - hired manager
b. Wastewater Treatment Plant Renovation or Consolidation
c. Stormwater Management and Erosion & Sediment Control Programs

5. Parks, Recreation & Open Space
a. Dixon Park Community Center
b. Pathways Plan - received VDOT grant for heritage trail, engineering on VCR trail
c. Park & Open Space Location and Master Planning

6. Public Safety
a. EMS Fee for Service
b. Fire Station 3 Evaluation Decision

7. Transportation
a. Fall Hill Avenue Improvements
b. Future of FRED Transit - new center up and running

8. Governance
a. Information Technology Management - look for new website coming soon
b. Emphasis of Continuous Improvement of Services
c. Refuse and Recycling Services Improvement

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