Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fly ExpressJet

If every airline had service like ExpressJet, I'd be ecstatic. I had to go from Tucson to Sacramento, and flew on this exceptional small carrier. Their ERJ isn't the biggest jet, with just one flight attendant, but with the food service (hear that Airlines? Food on a 2 hour flight), snack offers, happy attendants, and on time service, the flight was exceptional. Oh, did I mention they gave out free ear buds for XM radio?

Their magazine in the back pocket wasn't a magazine at all, but a display of several places the airline flies, with activities and events that might be interesting to travelers. There were almost no ads. It's the only airline product I've seen recently that didn't have at least one Bose noise-cancelling headset ad.

All this for $120 for a one-way non-stop ticket.

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