Monday, October 6, 2008 Grand ReOpening

Calling all bloggers, readers, and interested parties. InTheBurg has finished an acquisition of (boy that sounds official), now all I need to do is some touch-up on the updated website. Part of the issue was jumping between providers.

As part of this transition, I hope to add some new local bloggers to the syndication. I will also probably be writing the pure news stories at instead of intheburg, or maybe combining the two in some way.

Be sure that you're watching the syndicated feed if you want to get all the blog stories from Fredericksburg locals:

If you see things you would like added, or if you have news needing to be reported, or just a comment, let me know through the contact page:

Thanks to Nathan for starting this idea, and for letting me take it over as they look for places closer to Richmond.

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