Friday, October 3, 2008

Bailout benefit to Bicycle Commuters

Found in the 'noise' of the bailout package: A tax break for businesses who provide incentives to employees who commute by bicycle (read link here).

So let relate that back to Fredericksburg, VA. Walk around downtown, or the courts complex today, and tell me how many bike racks you can find? In the upcoming parking ordinance changes, lets hope SOMEWHERE they put in some bike stands. What about deleting a parking space or two, replacing them with parking for 2 wheel vehicles? Since businesses have received perks for allowing other environmentally friendly commuting, it's only fair to also extend perks to bicyclists, some of the most enviro friendly. This was originally considered as an independent bill years ago. Of course, on the flip side, businesses deduct any benefit expense from their income so that they reduce their tax burden anyway.

Next week the planning commission starts looking at changes to the City's comprehensive plan, the roadmap for the city, to change the requirements on the number of parking spaces required for types of business. They may consider a fee in lieu, removing certain requirements, and changing the calculations.

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