Friday, October 17, 2008

City Police Going Online

The city police department has a new online system where you can request a copy of an incident report. You can also report certain incidents online. This sounds allot like applications recently released for other northern va localities.

Check out the Police to Citizen application here:

This release does bring up a few questions. It appears the department is looking for ways to be more efficient. The questions I have, does this allow them to reduce staffing for this type of request? How much was the NRE (non reoccuring expense)? How much are we paying Verizon Business to host this application? The P2C app has been around for a little while, I would be curious to see how much use it actually gets.

Regardless of those questions, I am very happy to see the city services doing more to be online. Now I wonder when they are going to link to the city website?

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