Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weekend Trip to Kilmarnock VA

On Saturday Gail and I took a small side trip to Kilmarnock VA. This is a town that basically is an intersection between two roads. We visited a furniture store, a consignment shop, and had lunch at Lees, which was wonderful. Unfortunately I didn't take my notebook for a proper review of the entire town, but I'll share with you a few of the photos. Check out this bike rack around the corner of one building. Every block had several racks installed, some used, some free like this one. Follow that up with the interesting brick pattern in the massively wide sidewalks, and you have a very pedestrian friendly main street.

I snapped the following photo that took me back a few years. In the last few years we were living in the Charlottesville area, the Culpeper VDOT was busy installing video sensors at each updated intersection. The controls don't require the under asphalt wires that we often see here in Fredericksburg. These wires require cutting into newly installed pavement to sense vehicles. They do require calibration, but provide a wide variety of configuration options. For example, the newly installed under pavement sensor on Rt3 into Altoona doesn't pick up my motorcycle (maybe I should send that into the FLS to ask VDOT).

Town/County Stats:
Kilmarnock is in Lancaster County, VA. Total county population is just over 11k, mostly rural. Median income as reported on is just under 40k, with a 5% unemployment. Residential tax rate is $0.53 per $100 of assessed value.

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Larry Gross said...

Kilmarnock reminds me of what Fredericksburg looked like before the malls came....

It looks like a good place to raise kids - but I suspect really boring for the kids! :-)

Good luck on your City Council quest!

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