Sunday, August 10, 2008

Boy's & Girl's Club Museum Trip

Through the generous donation of Quicks Bus Company, the combined effort of Quicks and InTheBurg are sending some 40+ youth from the Fredericksburg Boy's And Girls Club to the NEWSEUM in DC. My thanks go out to Quicks for stepping up the challenge I posted here a few days ago. I'll be purchasing tickets for the students and their chaperons for the visit. This whole idea was spawned after seeing an article about their visit to the Holocaust museum. The Newseum tour is shows the highlights and lowlights of modern history. More importantly, it emphasizes that anyone can be responsible for capturing those moments that will go down as history. Most adults will see we are living history every day, and my hope is that some of the Boy's and Girl's youth will also see this.

More to come.... I just wanted to write this post to say thanks to Quicks Bus Company. For all of your tour needs, give them a shout and give them a shot at your bus needs.

Many local non-profits could use your help. I've previously posted a list of various organizations. I strongly encourage everyone out there to consider local donations, especially in a down economy, where many of these nonprofits pick up extra work from families in need.

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