Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Voting Lines

Did you vote today? I was voter #199 at my location today. I was pleasantly surprised to find a line when I arived. I'm glad that a larger number of voters are taking an interest in the primary this year. Competition is always a good thing.

Through the years of working in some pretty high tech industries, I've developed an eye for efficiency. Today's voting was not one of our outstanding moments. There were six (SIX!) voting boxes, yet the bottleneck was having only one station validating voter registration. There were another 3-4 people walking around and directing people. I hope this was due to only having two sets of rolls printed at this precinct.

Those of us waiting got to speak to each other, and laughed about the fact there was a line for the primary. Luckily the # of people in line fit in the heated building. You know it's cold when there aren't any party folks outside trying to sway your vote at the last minute.

At least our lines were in a gym, check out the photo on the FLS site about where somepeople were directed to stand.

Get out and vote.

Update 5pm: Line is now wrapped inside the building. Delay is about 20min.

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