Tuesday, February 12, 2008

City Council Meeting attendance?

I have a question, do people watch the city council meetings on the fredericksburg government channel instead of coming out to the meetings to listen to the discussions? I find it quite interesting talking to people in the audience. In localities where I've lived before, there was almost always a contingent of 10-20 folks that attended and had a discussion of ideas.
Do people here listen to the meeting and then just send their questions to their council members? Tonight coucilwoman Girven raised several questions about past information that were sent to her. I know that when I have emailed my council member I normally get a response back by email in a few days. I guess this is a pretty good substitute for being there in person. I would be interested to know how many people are out there watching (contact me here if you don't want to comment).

FYI - congrats to UMW for 100 years! That's quite an accomplishment for the university. For those that missed it, the UMW alum on council presented a nice gift to UMW of a framed aerial view of the city.

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