Saturday, October 3, 2009

DRMI & Fredericksburg need to close Caroline St.

You've heard the speculation, the predictions, some have said it would fail. Well, anyone who was downtown today saw that yet again, closing Caroline St brings many times the number of people. Imagine if every weekend there were outdoor dining, places to walk, events or music. For years I've heard residents and business owners complain about the city needing to get more people downtown. Well, I was there, and Oktoberfest was able to pack the block. Under Caroline St are original cobblestones. From what I've heard from witnesses, is that they go well with the granite slabs lining the road on select blocks.
So to all the naysayers, every time the city has chosen to close Caroline St. on Saturdays, the reaction has been overwhelming. It's time to get with it and proactively go after the Saturday foot traffic.

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Charles Feduke said...

I agree completely. While I live near Fredericksburg (out by Chancellorsville Battlefield) when I have family or friends down from out of state we drive down to Charlottesville and skip downtown Fredericksburg. The closed street there with all of the stores and no traffic is a great experience.

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