Monday, March 16, 2009

Pick up today's FLS

That title will surely bring flogging from some of my blogging friends, to recommend paying for a print edition of a newspaper. Have I totally lost it?

What a difference a week makes. Last week we were commenting on the Girl Scouts strong arm reaction to one scouts creativity using youtube. Today you can find not one, but two stories about the great work of the Boy Scouts. Front page is one of the most impressive eagle scout projects I have seen in a while, partnering with various agencies to upgrade the child safe harbor center. Then on the front of the region section is the scouts' rocketry weekend.

Go read the entire details at

It will start your week off right.


Eric said...

When my older boy was in Cub Scouts, parents would take turns doing projects with the kids. They were an unruly bunch with short attention spans, and getting the kids to actually complete their activities was hit and miss. So when my turn came, I tried to think of something that would hold their attention. I settled on model rocketry.

I picked up simple-to-build model kits, engines, launchers and everything and gave each kid one of the kits with instructions to have them done by the following Saturday or they ain't flying. I spent the rest of that meeting going over (very) basic aerodynamics and, well, rocket science, and the kids were riveted.

On launch day, every single one of those kids had their projects done and got a chance to launch their rocket. They absolutely loved it.

Bryan said...

Heck, I'd still go out and shoot rockets if someone suggested it! Guess I'm still a kid at heart on some things.

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