Thursday, March 5, 2009

Industrial Brewpub

I was in Tucson Arizona this past week, and one night on the way back to the hotel I was getting a little hungry. I don't know exactly why I tried this, but it definitely worked in my favor. I flipped out my Blackberry Storm, brought up Google Maps. It quickly located where I was, and I typed "Interesting Stuff" into the map search. Boy was I surprised when a number of things came back. There were lots of balloons marking things in downtown, but near my location I clicked the one balloon and saw "Nimbus Brewing". I about fell over (good thing I was buckled in). A green light delayed me a bit until the next intersection with a red stop, which let me take time to see exactly where it was located. A few u-turns, down a road that lead through a refinery, and into an industrial park and there it was. Nimbus. (Leaving I went out to a more traveled roadway.)

Now for a little Fredericksburg history. About a year ago, there was a brief moment when some of us thought that Blue&Gray Brewing might move into a Fredericksburg industrial park. I distinctly remember someone on council questioning the brewery's business plan, and expected revenue. If they had been with me on this particular night, there would have been no questioning revenue. I walked in at 5pm, and the place was packed. I took one of two remaining spots at the bar.

I started the visit with a Nimbus Pale Ale. A bit more bitter than I like for a Pale Ale, but good to start off with. I finished with a Nimbus Old Monkeyshine, an Old English Ale. It was dark and mysterious. This was the more interesting of the two beers. It had hints of the typical cocoa and coffee, but finished with a bark and honey type aftertaste. I know - weird.

I'd been craving a good burger all week, and theirs was a perfect match. It also came with the freshest crispy pickles I've ever had in a restaurant. Unfortunately when I went to get a picture leaving, it had cleared out, but I overheard a waiter talking about grabbing a smoke outside before the rush hit later in the evening. The wait staff was quick and friendly, making this a must visit place on future travel.

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