Wednesday, January 7, 2009

River Park One Step Closer

As reported yesterday on the city beat blog, the city has finished purchasing the properties needed for the river front park. This was the first thing that got me interested in city politics. I envision a day when every week you can head downtown and stroll along the river, maybe catching a live band on friday nights, followed by dinner at one of our great restaurants. I want downtown to be a center for the region, drawing people from the city, Stafford and Spotsylvania. It could be the breakout location for local bands.

The articles report that we will have to wait a little longer due to limited park development funds at least they now own the properties.


Stick said...

Maybe someday we will even get a restaurant or two -- or if we're really lucky, a shop -- to stay open past 6pm!

Then again, maybe we can just keep observing Civil War-era curfews, same as always.

Bryan said...

Stick, you might try heading downtown now. Capital ale has been getting good reviews for their weekday specials like burger night and steal the glass night. Kybecca is also open later and are going to do movie nights. I even noticed this fall on of the shops was staying open on Friday nights. If these brave businesses succeed, it will encourage more to move downtown.

kcw said...

Tuesday nights at Basil's!

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